Mindful Living Week - gratis online Summit - 14-20 mei 2018

& groepsbijeenkomst in Arnhem

Commit a week to what matters most in your life.

Mindful Living Week will include seven days of daily practices and inspiring talks from over 25 world-renowned teachers including Sharon Salzberg, Dr. Rick Hanson, Roshi Joan Halifax, Dr. Ali Binazir, Acharya Gaylon Ferguson, Dr. Elisha Goldstein, Rhonda Magee, Joseph Goldstein, Dr. Kelly McGonigal, and many others!

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Each day the teachers will guide us in a new area of focus in our lives. We’ll start by cultivating the inner areas of our mind, body, and heart. We’ll then move into the outer areas of our homes, relationships, work, and the wider world.

Over the course of a week, we'll explore practices to encourage focus, calm, resilience, and connection to support us in living with intention and integrity.

► Neem contact op met Akker, praktijk voor fundamentele gezondheid als je n.a.v. deze video's mee wil doen met een groep bijeenkomst in mei/juni op de praktijk. Focus zal zijn de lezingen van Kelly mGonigal, Rick Hanson of acharya Judith Simmer Brown. Lisette van Ardenne zal het begeleiden.
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